During the initial night of the Riot Fest 2019, the high bar was set well before the entire festivity, and it was repeated the entire weekend. This festival was meant to mark the 15th birthday, which was meant to be presented uniquely. There were plenty of activities and representation happening during the opening night. It was initiated by a backlit by the first Blood, which shows the real image of the meaning of wild, reminder, and craziness.

Among the activities lined up in the festival represent the couple of bands that will keep you busy and occupied throughout the event. They will wake up with you and close with you, keeping you entertained throughout the sessions. The activities can be held in the carnival section. The guest gets to taste some tasty lemonade accompanied by plenty of food selections, rides, excellent Ferries, and playing games.

The birthday bash, which is held in the Riot Festival, is one of a kind. They are full of classic performances contrasting one another from the first activity to the last. Other activities to be held during the Riot Fest include the farewells and monologues from top music artists. All these items are present to make the festival exceptional and play a huge role in ranking the festival among the hits. The activities accommodate every audience on both national and global levels.

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