The spill magazine is an online platform that offers the most recent music news and updates of the newly released songs that support the Artsakh and Armenia citizens. The most recent updates show the release of two new songs, which are meant to bring awareness and raise funds to support the Artsakh and Armenia people. The two songs are “Protect the Land” & “Genocidal Humanoids,” which are currently available.

The two songs have since then been used to boost the American troop’s morale across the globe. The rock band has also gained popularity and is currently being loved worldwide. The most recent news shows that the famous band released the new song, which has been in the frontline thrilling most of the fans both nationally and globally. The disagreements between Artsakh and Azerbaijan resulted in increased violence in the region which lasted for 26 years.

The famous Down system included vocals, Daron Malakian, Shavo Odadjian, Serj Tankian, and John Dolmayan. The two new songs were “Protect the Land ” and “Genocidal Humanoids,” with the producer and the songwriter Malakian. The magazine offers details of the link you can use to download the song and stream live via the entire DSPs.Besides, you can purchase the album on Bandcamp since the band royalties’ rights protect the songs.

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