About Us

Sounds of Ponpon is an online publication that is based in Toronto. This online platform is for strengthening the independent music scene and nurturing the talents of the musicians. The fact that independent music and underground music were always neglected indicates a need to have it nurtured.

The publication is committed to covering independent musicians who look forward to growing their talents. Through publishing, it becomes easy to reach more fans across the national and global levels. By publishing their music, Toronto artists have gained popularity and become recognized both nationally and globally.

The main aim of the online platform is to promote the independent music scene, which pays attention to enhancing the hometown talents. This is where the writers bring their most recent content with detailed features on artists and reviews for the most recent CD releases.

Our team is also committed to traveling to the front lines for the entire remote-based festivals, especially the Canadian music week festivities in the Northeast. Here, you will get to see the updates of the current events and annual festivals in Toronto and other regions. To get more details about the regular spill news, check out the group’s online platforms.