The first album, ‘Endless Arcade’ of the legendary Scottish group, was released in 2016. You can order your album now on the CD or LP or from the new merge shop or at any place where the records are sold. The peak vinyl orders that come in the first 100 bunch will receive a 12″ × 12″ print endorsed by the band. The opening song in the album is “Home,” which has the video released on the following day.

The display of this song is credible and impressive, leaving the entire fans admiring and relaxed. The song’s hit contributed to the band’s popularity, reaching out to more fans across the world.

The Endless Arcade has equal and heartwarming melodies, where the guitars and keyboard are used to harmonize the song. Thirty years ago, the band came to the limelight with the heavy and harmonious tone on fantastic albums such as Bandwagonesque and Grand Prix produced then.

Shadows and Here are also some of the albums documented recently via the teenage Fanclub. Both albums showed a reflection of the band’s stage and the state of mind doing well along with Endless Arcade. Some simple truths expressed in the album emphasize the home and community importance and darker opinions of fear, grief, and insecurity.

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