This is a festival that is meant for fans of the real thing punk. The bands from across the world, primarily North America, come here to meet and jam it in the three stages, namely; the Club NV, Two Doors Down in downtown Brantford as well as The Marvellous Lounge,

At the Club NV stage, the plants open, and the bowl will immediately start to fill up the tone of the ground vocals, which is then completed by an unaccompanied bass solo. You will get to hear of the Vegans of punk. The sounds of Holy Smokes then appear to interrupt the eerie silence. Stage two is all about intimacy which mostly matches the low and sultry voice of the leader of the song.

The two venues represent a fair walk where another emergency scene is witnessed with the timing being done right. The Marvelous Lounge is where the late Kings will commence the un-royally vibrations via the tin can. The vocals here are low and grave, with a representation of frazzled music devices. The Marvellous Lounge changed the entire truck with a repetition of the shouts of the vocabulary, which have two words with the guitar tone being sounding.

The Two Doors Down is usually a tiny venue that is fifteen minutes walk away from the rest of the venues. It mainly accommodates lighter as well as hipsterish vibes. The drums here are heavy, and the entire thing is expected to remain soft.

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